Six ways to find love (or a date) fast

You can buy yourself flowers BUT here are 6 fun ways to find love (or a date) fast:

1. Check out Vinylly, the free dating app that matches entirely on music compatibility. With the ability to search, suggest and buy tickets to concerts within the chat, you can go from connecting about music and listening to a match’s playlist to enjoying it together, super fast.
2. Get out of your house if you work remotely; go to a cafe and if you see someone that catches your eye, it’s easy to start a conversation, i.e, “what are you working on?” Or if they have headphones on, ask “Listening to anything good?”
3. Put it out there to friends and family that you are open to meeting someone (the friends and family that “get you” of course), and give them the photo or the preferred socials you’d want them to share with their potential match for you, so that you have some control on how they present you.
4. Do the things that you love to do, and look for other people that are solo, and show up consistently–that means they share a passion with you and this is always a good way to start off a relationship. Maybe it’s thrifting, the gym, the plant store or the cat cafe. Easy to say, “hey, I’ve seen you here a few times-when did you or how did you get into [insert activity]”
5. Ask your local bartender; the eyes and ears of society, bartenders know when single people are most likely to come to their bar (trivia nights, live music nights, sports, etc.), which of them would be suitable to date, and who to avoid. They can also tell you other spots to check out.
6. Go to a bar with a jukebox (old school) or TouchTunes and put on your favorite songs and see who at the bar is singing along, catches your eye and looks like they might be single. You can put a few extra bucks on the machine, and let them play a few, and before you know it, you’ll be making eachother playlists.

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