Don’t see your help topic? Please email When you write us, please provide your Spotify login email and the type of phone you are on-iOS or Android. This will expedite your request. We respond to support email in 24 hours typically.

I am having trouble connecting my Spotify account to Vinylly.

  • Ensure Spotify is installed with the most current version
  • Try force quitting the Spotify app, and relaunching it (making sure it’s signed in)
  • Try deleting and reinstalling the Vinylly app, and trying again (making sure to have a strong enough network signal/WiFi to allow the account linking to complete)

I listened to music recently that I don’t think represents me–how can I get rid of those songs from my Spotify playlist?

We all get in a phase or mood and listen to music which we think doesn’t define us. If you want to remove these tracks, although we think it’s okay to just be you, you can simply stream more of the music you want to and the tracks you don’t listen to anymore will start to fall off your playlist each time you login to Vinylly and sync to Spotify.

How do I expand my radius or move my location?

If you’d like to adjust your location or expand your radius:

  • Click on the nine dots in a square icon on the top right corner of the matches queue > Find More Potential Matches. 
  • Toggle off match me to all locations if turned on (only applies to changing your location).
  • Put your finger on the pin on the map and hold it.
  • Next, move the pin to wherever you’d like within the US and Canada.
  • To expand your radius, drag the circle on the bottom until it includes the area you’d like to match in, or toggle on “Match me to all locations”. 
  • If you switch from having matched to all locations to a smaller radius, you may still have matches in your queue from all locations. You can press “skip” on these matches to eliminate them from your queue.

How can I go back and edit some of the information I provided?

On the Profile tab, click the pencil icon on each of the squares under “Be Heard” to edit those inputs. We will be providing more flexibility to edit other inputs soon.

The location isn’t representing where I am / defaults to Seattle, WA.

In order for the app to log your location accurately, you have to allow Vinylly to access your location. On your phone, go to Location Services and allow Vinylly to access your Location While Using, or Always. 

How come you only integrate with Spotify?

We know that while large amounts of music lovers use Spotify, not everyone does. We will be adding other music service providers and other ways to match in the near future. Until then, you can set up a Spotify account for free relatively quickly and start streaming. Spotify often offers free trials on their Premium version as well, which will populate the “Jams” section in your profile. “Jams” is basically your most played music genres–it’s cool stuff to see and learn about yourself. 

Why aren’t I seeing more matches?

Depending on where you are located and your preferences, you may have few matches in our database. Try widening your radius or select “Match me to all Locations.” We are growing rapidly and word-of-mouth helps too. If you are a fan of what we’re doing, feel free to share to your social network or leave us a review on the App Stores. 

Why is my Spotify playlist empty?

If you have a free Spotify account which you don’t use often, your playlist may be empty. Stream a few hours of music and your playlist should populate.

Why doesn’t my playlist show “Jams” like it does on other people’s playlists?

You need a Spotify Premium account to populate “Jams”. This isn’t under our control. However, Spotify often offers free trials for Premium, so look for those and then login and sync to Vinylly and you should see your “Jams” populate.

Why isn’t Vinylly available in my country?

We are currently only available in the US and Canada, but we understand it’s frustrating if we aren’t available in your country since music isn’t just global–it’s universal, right?  We will expand to additional marketplaces soon.

I want to delete my account, how do I do that?

Go to Profile, scroll down, Delete Account