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Version 1.0.33
Vinylly is now also available in the UK on iOS and Android. We have also updated concert buddy matching functionality. 
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Vinylly, the app that created lots of buzz by establishing a dating app for music lovers is now new and improved reinventing dating for *all* music lovers. 

This massive update features a new option to sign up that doesn’t require a Spotify account. Now anyone who is a music fan looking to find their next +1 or music partner for life can do it through their new proprietary profile generator. It doesn’t matter if you stream music across multiple platforms or just collect vinyl, finding a music match is just a few taps away and still free.
And for the first time, Vinylly users have the ability to create and edit playlists infinitely to keep  their profile in sync with their latest music vibe. For those who want to use their Spotify account to create their profile, we’ve kept that option too.
Plus users can still search, suggest and buy tickets without leaving the chat, making a first date option as easy as possible.

At Vinylly, we believe that the music we love and the way we listen to it is a powerful window into who we are. 

Music is a story, a passion, an expression of what moves us, and our choices reveal more about us than any hastily written bio ever could.

Swiping right or left is too simple,  answering a 347-question survey is too much, and neither one brings us any closer to making a true connection.

Vinylly is an inclusive dating app that matches users through an analysis of their streaming history, how they listen to music and a few other questions to round out the role music plays in their lives.

The more users listen to music, the more matches they will be offered, based on Vinylly’s algorithm. Users have the ability to browse matches and press “play” when they want to connect, as well as chat and get concert tickets for first dates all without having to leave the app.

Available on the US, UK and Canadian AppStores, Vinylly was recently recognized by Mashable as one of the “8 dating apps that are bucking against Tinder’s model.”


Such an amazing app I’m completely obsessed!

Finally!! A better way to date! Music is the match.

Refreshing!! After years and years and several sites, it is here!! A real way to meet people, date, go to shows, even build friendships. 

Connecting through music

Nice to be able to use music to connect and meet


Browse your lineup of potential matches based on musical tastes.


Press play when you discover someone you want to connect with.


Hit it off as you chat with your matches. Or, press pause.


Get tickets to a concert for you and your new match to enjoy.

"Digging into a profile reveals more musical tastes. You’ll see top genres from EDM to hip-hop, favorite artists, and answers to profile questions. Under playlists, you can listen to your match’s highlighted tracks, which creates a sense of digital intimacy. It’s like starring in your own personal High Fidelity remake."

"Ever go on a date with someone only to discover they're a fan of a highly problematic or just plain bad musician? You won't have to worry about that with Vinylly, an app that matches you with potential suitors based on music compatibility."

"All of these researches and quotes point to one fact: music’s impact on attraction is indeed all about that bass. And if you want to experience its effects first-hand then tune into Vinylly right away. After all, the worst that could happen is your ex discovering your dedicated breakup playlist."

"If you normally seek out mates based on their record collection (me), sign up on the immediate and start a very nerdy conversation about what David Bowie era is the best."

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Vinylly learns to understand you by learning about the music you love – and in doing so, puts the needle on true compatibility.

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